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Angela McQuillan

Angela McQuillan, Fiber Artist

My creations are not bound to any one type of media, instead I explore different materials, textures and surfaces to express my own interpretation of the world around me.  Through my scientific background I have gained a deep appreciation for biological forms and anatomical subjects. I have always found beauty in microscopic images and in cross-sectional explorations of bodies and plants. I am drawn to the multiplicity of repetitive patterns which occur on both small and large scales in nature.   I use scientific imagery as a starting off point to explore my own imaginative internal characters and landscapes.  These biomorphic forms offer a unique visual language that breathes and communicates on the deepest levels of our perception. 

In my works, I explore how the subconscious mind creates associations and meaningful connections with nature through the manipulations of forms suggestive of the processes found in the living world.  There is a certain degree of artificiality in my vibrant color palettes and use of manufactured materials.  This level of artifice serves to provide an element of fantasy, or departure from what is tangible or real.  These bizarre life forms cannot be classified in any scientific textbook, instead they are surreal dreamscapes derived from introspection and my own personal vision.


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Fiber Art by Angela McQuillan

Fiber Art by Angela McQuillan