Easy Ways to Clean your AC’s Air Filter

During the summer, your air conditioner may become your best friend. It is an important element to keep you comfortable from the hot rays of the sun. That is why you should always make sure to clean out you air conditioners air filter.

The job of the air filter in your air conditioner is simple. It filters out any unwanted dirt, dust, pollen, etc. and this is important to ensure the health and wellness of the people breathing in the air circling the room. After some time, all these dirty particles build up and may cause damage to your air filter. If this happens, dangerous substances may then be released into your air.

There are quite a few ways to clean out your air filter. Here are easy ways to clean your AC’s air filter:

1. Cleaning your air filter using a vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning your air filter using a vacuum cleaner, you must first remove the air filter from your air conditioner. Next, use the hose of the vacuum to remove any unwanted dirt and debris from the filter. After removing most of the dirt, run the filter under some hot or cold water and leave the filter to air dry.

If once is not enough to completely clean out your air filter, you may repeat all the necessary steps until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your air filter.

2. Cleaning your air filter using your sink.

Another way to clean out your air filter is by merely using your sink. So, first, of course you have to remove the air filter from your AC to avoid any further damage. Next, you have to soak your air filter in a warm soapy mixture. If you feel like your air filter is extremely dirty, you may want to try soaking it in a water and vinegar solution. After soaking your filter, take it out and let it air dry for a couple of minutes.

If you feel it is still not clean enough, repeat all the necessary steps. A faster way to get your AC’s air filter clean is to simply rinse it in your sink and using some dishwashing soap. Make sure you use liquid soap, so you will not be leaving any residues that may damage your air filter. After putting on some soap, softly scrub with any brush that has soft bristles to get all the dirt and particles left. Once you are satisfied with its cleanliness, leave it out to air dry then run a vacuum cleaner over it to get any leftover particles.

Your air conditioner air filter’s lifespan really depends on how much you use your AC and of course its manufacturer. During the summer, it is advisable to clean out your filters because it is during this season that excess dirt builds up more. If you or any one of your family member are susceptible to any form of allergies, or if you have pets in the house, it would be better to clean or even change your filters more often.