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Frank DePietro

Contemporary realist painter Frank DePietro grew up in Scranton Pennsylvainia, where at an early age he had his first experiences with oil painting. These experiences were the catalyst for a life-long career in painting. Frank received a Bachelors of Art from Bloomsburg University in 1997. After graduating he moved to Philadelphia PA, where he continued his studies in painting at local art institutions including Tyler School of Art, Studio Incaminati and Moore College of Art and Design. Frank continued to live and work there until 2010, when he and his family moved to the Brandywine Valley of Chester County PA, where he currently resides. Throughout his career, Franks work has been exhibited extensively in galleries around the country. He has been the recipient of several awards and publications and is a professional member of the International Guild of Realism.

“My paintings are inspired by close observations of the natural world. They display a quiet meditative quality, contemplating our connection with nature as organic beings and part of the cycle that renews all organic life. I attempt to capture ephemeral moments on canvas in a crisp and technically sharp manner with a mindfulness of modern compositional concepts inherent to the medium of painting. They are reflections of the relationship to the changing notion of what nature is and what meanings our relationships to it have given us.”

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Painting by Frank DePietro

Painting by Frank DePietro