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Greg Jaskot

In my work, I explore my subject from multiple perspectives. Through the use of stencil graffiti and collage techniques, I incorporate a universal iconography and symbolism to illustrate these perspectives. This assists in the creation of a graphic-based aesthetic that relies on metaphor and allegory to add meaning to my subject. My paintings are visual puzzles that can be interpreted in different ways by my viewers.

Each surface is geometrically divided and each section of this surface contains a depth of layered colors and images. The surfaces contain elements of stencil graffiti, collage techniques, and pieces of found objects. I try to use components of a visual, symbolic language that we all understand. With embedded smaller images I hope to spark some hint of initial understanding within the viewer so that they know that the abstraction they are looking at is based in the familiar. From this safe harbor they may then explore the unfamiliar or unconventional characteristics of the work.

These works are created with allegory and metaphorical meaning to present the viewer with a visual puzzle, yet they are not without clues. For instance in my piece “Bird on a Wire” the viewer is confronted with multiple stencils of birds in separate sections of the canvas. This ranges from a large group on a telephone wire, a pair of birds in close relation, and a single bird in the focal area. This was done to hint at the role of an individual and how our dynamic changes in different types of social settings from large groups to intimate interactions.

Because the viewer has doors open to them within each composition, it is my hope that this art will bring them in, allow them to question the interrelationships within the image, and lead them to a solution that is ultimately unique to them. It is my hope that the work provokes the viewer into an exploration but doesn’t hinder where that exploration may lead. In this way the understanding of the subject is furthered within the viewer but not completely contrived by the artist.

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Greg Jaskot

Greg Jaskot