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Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Laura Petrovich Cheney

Ideas for my work often originate on walks during which I re-imagine a new use for the garbage and detritus that I encounter on the street, in the woods, or along the shoreline. In 2010, a winter Nor’easter had damaged and tossed two boats – an orange and blue one- onto the beach, I resurrected those boats and gave them a new life as a work of art. The intimate textures of this wood showed the suggestion of another life in the faded colors and worn surfaces. The visual history of the salvaged wood – the chipped layers of paint, the nail holes, and the grain- tell a story. This wood is weathered, exposed and open to new possibilities. I gathered the wood to preserve it and to prevent its ultimate demise. Since then, I have continued to use discarded and found wood to create abstract, relief patterns.

After the life-altering events associated with Hurricane Sandy, I began collecting wooden debris from the devastated communities — floorboards, window frames, cabinets, dressers, exterior siding — anything that I could find that evoked life before the storm. With this salvaged wood, I take my inspiration from traditional American patchwork quilt designs—designs I find familiar and comforting. Using a grid system, mathematical proportions, and symmetry transforms this salvaged wood into something meaningful, which helps me restore some order. By using equipment such as a chop saw, band saw, jigsaw and belt sanders, I create new relationships with color, play with balance and surfaces. Creating abstract patterns is my way of dealing with life’s ambiguities and uncertainties.

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Artwork by Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Artwork by Laura Petrovich-Cheney

Artwork by Laura Petrovich-Cheney