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Pennsylvania Artist Lynnette Shelley

Lynnette Shelley is an award-winning Pennsylvania artist specializing in contemporary mixed media animal paintings. Having a great love of wildlife, folktales, tribal art and world mythology, Shelley fuses these influences into her strikingly unique artworks. Her paintings strike a primal chord in many viewers, with almost Jungian associations to the colors and shapes. Her complex compositions and zoomorphic and totemic animal art and folklore-inspired creations are both primitive and sophisticated, and have been likened to images from an undiscovered ancient civilization or culture.

Shelley is the Marketing Director and co-curator for JAM Gallery.

Shelley's animal and mythological-themed artworks have been displayed nationally as well as regionally. Most recently, she was one of 28 artists selected to paint 57 fiberglass donkeys that will be displayed in downtown Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2016.

In addition to her fine art pursuits, Shelley is also the co-founder of The Red Masque, an original dark art rock / progressive rock band she has been performing in since 2001. The Red Masque is signed to Beta-lactam Ring Records in Portland, OR. Shelley is also the vocalist in Green Cathedral, a newly formed contemporary art rock band. They are currently recording their debut album.

Originally from Delaware, Shelley lives and works out of Ambler, in addition to a studio in West Chester, Pennsvylania.

WEBSITE: lynnetteshelley.com

Email the gallery or call 484-328-3553 (office) or 484-433-3571 (cell)

Painting by Lynnette Shelley

Painting by Lynnette Shelley

Painting by Lynnette Shelley