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Stan Smokler

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Stan currently maintains studios in both New York and Kennett Square, PA. He teaches at the Delaware College of Art and Design while working and exhibiting regularly. Stan received his BFA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1967 and his MFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute in 1975.

According to Smokler:
Making sculpture for me is an ongoing exploration of how different material effects the space it occupies. For example, I attempt to dissolve volumetric shapes by introducing multiple spaces with cutouts to lighten the material, thereby defying its weight. I am always searching for new ways to invent and organize space.

Through my research, for example, I have discovered constellations, map making, mythology or architecture. Expressing these images of natural forms via my welded sculptures. The sculptures, created from steel, are modeled in a spontaneous and improvisational manner; an abstract expressionist style. This form of modeling creates a lively sequence for discovery and once I begin to work I often see things unfold that I did not visualize before. Ultimately, I strive to breathe new life into discarded material to create forms which deliberately deny their past history in order to serve a new formal purpose.

I have remained true to my origins as a welder. I take the position of an outsider; an artist who makes work based on my own terms, without concern to trends, art politics, or the latest theories. A sculptor who came of age in the time of large scale abstract metal compositions that evovled out of the vocabulary of Julio Gonzalez, David Smith, Anthony Caro or Mark di Suvero. I have never denied my parentage. Yet my work is uniquely my own which embodies the aesthetics of the current century.

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Art by Stan Smokler

Art by Stan Smokler